The Lion King (Movie)

Rafiki is one of my favourite characters from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. I realised when Simba was sad from the tragic loss of his father and was abandoned by his friends for being purposeless and nihilistic in life. To escape this perpetual feeling, Simba flees away from his Kingdom, Pride Land. At an odd moment, he meets Rafiki, the advisor of his kingdom. Rafiki, as an old wise man, speaks to the inner self of Simba when he needed someone the most to find his lost identity and meaning of his life. He helps Simba rediscover himself when all he…

The genius who inspired many of us.

“A beautiful flock of grandalas!”

Sexual Selection ensures that dudes get fancy dresses.

( In Fig: Male Grandalas are blue and Females are the brown or grey ones. )

Darwin, in a letter, wrote to Asa Gray, “The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze on it, makes me sick!” The seeming impossibility of explaining the gorgeous but impractical long tail of peacock had been bothering him for some time. …

An Entangled History of Kashmir and Modern India

In Quantum Mechanics, Entangled Particles are inextricably correlated and share spatial proximity that their quantum state cannot be independently described, and action as spin, polarization and momentum on one affects the other. Similar to this is the history of Kashmir’s independence, defence and resistance entangled with Modern India, that an independent study is flawed.

Kashmir has a heart-rending history of dissents, has gone through numerous recurring tragedies resulting in human-shaped blots of oppression, yearnings and mourns on the grounds, over the mountains and in the clouds. It has emerged through violent external affairs and internal struggles that shaped the Kashmir’s…

Kishan Mishra

Jack of all trades!

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